Michael Hutchence/INXS Memorabilia

Michael Hutchence Memorabilia

Hello & welcome to this very special section of the website.

If you have clicked this page then you’re interested in my Michael Hutchence & INXS collection which I personally collected for over 25 years.

I first met Michael in 1989 & got 2 autographs from him but after that I wanted more. I found out where INXS were recording their X album & went to the recording studios. It was January 1990 & I was on school holidays, I met INXS at the studios & got a few items signed, I then went back the next day & the next day until I ended up spending 5 months at the studio. It wasn’t uncommon for me to get 10 things signed on a daily basis. During that time at the studios I formed a friendship with Michael, Kirk, Garry, Jon, Andrew & Tim. All of them were so very kind & generous towards me & my friends.

After those 5 months with INXS at the studios I had built somewhat of an impressive collection of signed INXS memorabilia. Records, posters, photos, magazines, stickers, CD’s, tapes, programmes, T- shirts, postcards & anything else that you can think of I got signed, I even used to get the actual vinyl signed. I became obsessed in building my INXS collection. When INXS toured I was there backstage, when they flew in & out of Sydney I was at the airport, when they rehearsed I was there & was always getting more & more things signed. When they went back into the studio to record Welcome To Wherever You Are in 1991/92 I was there & got more & more things signed, in fact I continued to meet & get things signed right up until Michael sadly passed away. I last spent time with him just two days before he passed away & got about 15 items signed.

Whilst I was working on my book about Michael I had to go through my entire collection & photograph a lot of it for the book, it occurred to me that I had not looked at the majority of my collection for over 20 years. I had crates & crates full of signed vinyl records, huge poster tubes full off signed posters & boxes upon boxes of magazines, promo photos, programmes, t-shirts & a bunch of other things that were signed by just Michael or all of INXS.

Looking at the collection made me realise that none of it was being appreciated. I have heard so many stories from other collectors over the years about their prized collection sitting around for years then as time passes the items get ruined, go mouldy, get damaged or water damaged. In fact a large part of Kirk Pengilly’s collection was damaged many years ago after a huge storm hit his farm.

I don’t want any of these things to happen to my very own collection so instead of letting everything just sit in boxes in storage I have decided to offer most of it for sale via my Michaelhutchencebook Ebay Shop.

Each & every item that I put up for sale I have personally obtained myself therefore you can be 100% guaranteed that what you are buying is genuine.

Please visit my Ebay shop & if you can’t find what you’re looking for then just send me an email & I’ll see if I have it for you.

Richard Simpkin

For any enquiries please contact Richard on richardandfamous@hotmail.com